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lulz_candiie's Journal

8 October
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I'm Sally. I wasn't raised in total luxury, although my parents did get me most of the necessities when i was growing up, which I am thankful for, i grew up in life knowing that i could achieve anything that i wanted, i don't like smoking and i feel that you shouldn't need anything other than your self to deal with life and its issues. I think high school is not really for popularity and climbing the social ladder to be noticed. i have always enjoyed being crazy with my hair. After that i like to get into a school for models and one day hopefully I make it into the fashion industry. i also like to listen to music and hang out with amazing people in my free time I was born in Iraq, where a lot of my family lives now I love my family, and would do anything for any one of them I enjoy designing, and drawing wats one my mind, the more practice i get the more amazing i am at designing homes, and i am getting better everytime i give someone new a idea. There are many goals in life that i want to achieve, mainly happiness for me and my family is the most important one so far. I like the sports Soccer and Basketball, i will enjoy watching a game with friends any day. i don't need to get drunk to have fun, but i love to party and meet new people when i can Music and Fashion is something that makes me who i am Difference and beauty makes us who we are, and it is what makes the world an interestingly place to live in. i love the place that am living in right now. But i know i need to move pretty soon for my career. i have met many marvelous people in my day, and they each taught me something new. One thing i have learned while growing up is that life really is what you make it. happiness isn't about perfection, it is what you define it as, and nothing else. Be who you are, and do what you like, time doesn't slow down for anybody.
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